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Morkem Media Hub.

Morkem Media Hub is a media company based in Nigeria. Her core areas are Movie Production, Photography, Academy and other visual related content production.

Our Mission

  1. To be the leading creative force in the creative industry
  2. Reframing the future while rewriting African narratives.
  3. Train young minds to create social and economic stability
  4. We sort to become a go to organizations for multimedia jobs bringing brands closer to their consumers.

Why Choose Us?

light composure
Professional skills
Perfect Equipment
ultra hd

Our Team

Ologbenla Adedeji Samuel
Co-founder/Managing Director/ Creative Director

Cinematographer Camera Unit a on Darktrev, stranger Video Advert producer for Cellcore, Naveen Healthcare, Kls Naturals, Gli Hub Yaba, Groupfarma, Rolad Properties and Allied Services,, Gasland Nig LTD

Ologbenla Adedapo Peter
Co-founder/Managing Partner/ Chief Operation Officer

Cinematographer/ Drone Pilot, Drone Pilot/Camera Unit b on Darktrev and stranger. Video Advert producer for Cellcore, Ibadan, Naveen Healthcare VI, Lagos, KLS Naturals,Groupfarma, Rolad Properties and Allied Services, Gli Hub Yaba,, Gasland Nig LTD

Olamitide Awojobi
Manager Morkem Media Hub, Photographer

Intern BTS Photographer for MNET, Lead Photographer Morkem Visuals.